Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our blinds

Who is Mr. Jealousy?
Mr. Jealousy is a Dutch company founded by four friends who share a passion for creativity and window coverings. We believe that ordering blinds online should be an enjoyable, hassle-free, and exciting experience. With countless standard stores offering dull, colorless collections, Mr. Jealousy is here to provide a selection of the most captivating colors and finishes that are sure to ignite your excitement. Even if you opt for classic black or white, you can proudly say it's a Mr. Jealousy choice. We offer the finest blinds crafted from wood, bamboo, or aluminum, designed for effortless measuring and hanging – all with a big smile on your face.
Why only 40 colors and not 9,000?
If you've ever been faced with a color fan deck containing 9,000 options at a hardware store, you know that more choices aren't always better. We've carefully selected colors that are in tune with today's trends. No matter what you choose, there's no wrong decision.
What are ladder tapes?
Ladder tapes are decorative textile tape of 25 mm wide. These fall over the perforation holes, so you no longer see these holes and therefore no light can pass through. More about cords & ties
Are the blinds suitable for a tilt and turn window?
In many cases, our blinds are compatible with tilt-and-turn windows. You can order side guides along with your blinds to ensure they work seamlessly with this type of window.
Can I use the blinds in a damp room?
Certainly, you can! However, it's essential to be aware that prolonged exposure to excessive moisture can potentially damage the product over time. Therefore, avoid hanging them in the shower area, and always ensure good ventilation in the room after use. This way, you can maintain the beauty and durability of your blinds for an extended period.
Are the top bar and bottom rail always in the same color as the blinds?
For some of our colors or finishes, the top rail and bottom rail may have a slightly different color. Rest assured, we make sure this difference is kept to a minimum, and the chosen color complements nicely. If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to us via chat. You can also click the button below to learn more about which colors have a different top rail and bottom rail:
Do you have more colors than on the website?
You can find all the available colors on our website. We like to keep our range flexible, so there may be times when we add or remove colors. If you have specific preferences, don't hesitate to ask! You can reach out through the chat bubble at the bottom of the page.
What makes the difference between a narrow and wide slat?
The wider the slats on your blinds, the more sunlight you can let in and the better your view of the outside world. Narrower slats are typically a better fit for smaller windows. For wooden blinds, we exclusively offer a 50mm size. This is the most popular and aesthetically pleasing choice for wooden blinds. To learn more about different slat widths, click the button below:
Can Mr. Jealousys are electronically operated?
Certainly, it's possible! However, we can't guarantee it. Both our aluminum and wooden blinds can be made operable with the Somfy Tilt Only Wirefree system. Keep in mind that you'll need various products and components to ensure everything fits and works correctly. Somfy products are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa.
Can I see your colors in real life?
Yes, you can order samples from us. This costs € 1 per sample. When you have finally chosen a color and want to order, you will receive the price paid for the samples back as a discount code on your actual order.
What are the dimensions of the top box?
The top box of our 50mm blinds is 57mm deep and 51mm high. The top box of 25mm blinds is 25mm deep and 25mm high.
Can you supply the blinds with a specific color top bar or bottom bar?
You can! Contact us at and we will look for the best combination together.
Can I order blinds narrower than 500 mm?
Certainly, it's possible! However, at the moment, we only offer this option upon request. You can initially place an order with a width of 500 mm and then share your specific size with us through chat, email, or WhatsApp (as long as it's a minimum of 420 mm). For blinds narrower than 500 mm, the control mechanism is always shared.

Order and warranty

How does ordering at Mr. Jealousy?
You choose your favorite color and simply order online, we will get to work for you and within 3 weeks your Mr. Jealousy at your window.
Do you give advice or help with choosing a color?
We'd love to hear about your plans or share your Pinterest mood board. Then we look for the ideal color together.
What kind of guarantee do you offer?
We offer a standard 3-year warranty.
Why are your color samples not free?
We've designed our website to display our blind colors as realistically as possible. This allows you to make a great initial choice of colors. If you're uncertain about certain colors, we're glad to send you samples. The cost you incur for the color samples, shipping, and transportation will be refunded to you as a discount code when you order your blinds. So, in a way, the color samples are essentially free. 🌈

Shipping and delivery

What are your delivery times?
The standard delivery time for the EU is within 2-3 weeks. If the delivery is delayed, you will be notified within a few working days after placing your order.
Do you also deliver in the evening / weekend?
At the moment we do not deliver in the evenings or weekends.
Who delivers my order?
Our permanent and trusted partner NE DistrictService. They will contact you personally to make a delivery appointment. You will be kept informed by email and/or SMS.
I was not at home at the time of delivery, what now?
You'll get an email one day before with a specific time when our NE District service will come to your place. If you're not home, they'll attempt to visit at a different time.
Do I pay shipping costs?
The shipment at Mr. Jealousy is free.

Payment Options

What are my payment options?
If you have an issue with your product and we need it back, we'll send you a label to put on the box with the blinds. Our service in your area will come to pick it up, and you'll get an email notification when they're on their way.
Can I also pay afterwards?
Naturally! During checkout we offer the option to pay via Klarna in 30 days or 3 parts.
Are the prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?
The prices shown on our website are all inclusive of 21% VAT

My order and shipping

I just ordered from you, what can I expect?
We will immediately get to work for you and you can expect your blinds at home within 2-3 weeks. We will keep you informed of the progress of your order at all times.
How do I track my order?
We will keep you informed about the progress via email in the weeks after your order. 48 hours in advance you will receive the exact delivery time from our courier via email or SMS
Can I still change / cancel my order?
You can change or cancel your order within 24 hours. Please contact us via chat to change your order.

Measuring and installation

How do I measure my blinds myself?
Measuring is really very easy. Read our measuring instructions and everything will be fine. If you have any doubts, please contact us via chat.
What is the difference between Face and Recess Fit?
When a blind is installed with a 'recess fit,' it is securely placed between the walls or the window frame, typically with the sides not visible. On the other hand, with a 'face fit,' the blind hangs freely in front of the window frame, wall, or ceiling, allowing the sides of the blind to be generally visible.
I've just unpacked my blinds, and they look different from what I expected?
Blinds might seem different when you first unpack them compared to when they're properly installed where you want them. The overall appearance can change. So, please, judge your blinds only after you've installed them in the right spot.
What is the package height?
The package height of blinds is the height of the blind when raised. The package height includes the top rail and the bottom slat of the blind, between which the blinds hang.
How do I hang the blinds?
You can also install our blinds yourself. Simply follow our instructions; it's truly straightforward. If you're still having trouble, we're here to assist you via chat

Service and warranty

My blinds have been damaged during transport, what now?
Send us an e-mail or a message via the chat with a photo, and we will ensure that we immediately take care of this for you and that you receive new blinds as soon as possible.
Can I return the blinds?
Because we make our products just for you, we can't take them back. Your order is custom-made based on the measurements you give us, so we can't accept returns. But if there's something wrong with how they're made, don't worry. We've got a 2-year guarantee for most products, and some even have a 3-year warranty.
How do I register a return?
If you have a problem with your product and we need it back, we'll send you a return label to stick on the box with the blinds. We'll arrange for it to be picked up by our service in your area, and you'll get an email notification when they come to collect it.

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